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A new early grade chapter book series from Apples & Honey Press


By Carl Harris Shuman

Illustrated by C.B.Decker

Apples & Honey Press, an imprint of Behrman House

Release Date for Books 1 and 2: 3/1/2022

Book Cover Max and Emma Cross the Red Sea
Book Cover Max Builds a Time Machine

Book 1: Max Builds a Time Machine

ISBN 978-1-68115-568-5

Hardcover chapter book, 48 pp, $16.95

Color illustrations; Ages 6-8

When Max time-travels to meet the biblical Abraham and Sarah, he learns the value of welcoming strangers--including Emma, a new girl in his class.

Book 2: Max and Emma Cross the Red Sea

ISBN 978-1-68115-572-2

Hardcover chapter book, 56 pp, $16.95

Color Illustrations; Ages 6-8

Max and his new friend Emma time-travel to see Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. Together they learn some important lessons about faith, courage, and believing in yourself. PASSOVER theme.

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PJ Library has chosen Max Builds a Time Machine as its June 2022 selection for seven year olds!

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Although no one believes me, I am really only four years old, maybe five. Unfortunately, I am trapped in the body of an overweight, balding man with a beard and moustache.

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